Thursday, March 1, 2007

Prince Charles Ally Battles Big Mac with Viral Video, SEO Tactic

Summary: Internet marketer, sales consultant and raw food advocate, Len Foley, uses the special Traffic Geyser SEO system to spread his viral video "The Bionic Burger" to tens of thousands of viewers in just 13 days.

San Diego, California - March 1, 2007 – Prince Charles has a strong ally across the pond in his battle against the Big Mac and fast food burgers, and this American combatant uses viral videos plus an innovative Web traffic and SEO system to enlist healthy diet recruits.

Len Foley, expert Internet marketer and author of several popular sales coaching books such as "Sales Without the Sucker Punch" and "No More Stupid Cold Calls," turned video producer to promote his healthy diet site

The result is "The Bionic Burger," a short film about a man who buys a McDonalds burger in 1989, inadvertently forgets about it then discovers it in his jacket pocket a year later, perfectly preserved.

Using the Traffic Geyser SEO program, Foley generated 11,000 views for "The Bionic Burger" in just the first 12 days. "More importantly, it drove a ton of residual traffic to The Best Day Ever site which turned into sales and subscribers."

Foley explains, "I had been submitting videos by hand but it took hours. Now, in less than 15 minutes, I post my video to all these sites. All I have to do is sit back and watch the traffic—and the profits—roll in."

Click PLAY to watch his complete explanation:

or go here:

"The potential is endless for using this service to spread viral videos like 'The Bionic Burger' and drive new customers to our sites," Foley adds.

Traffic Geyser uses a combination of the top 35 Internet video sites, blogging and Web 2.0 social bookmarking to drive Website traffic and SEO. For more information on this topic, visit Traffic Geyser.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New SEO Technique Drives Couples to Renegade Marriage Doctor

Summary: Marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt reveals the innovative search engine optimization (SEO) method he used to dramatically increase traffic to his marriage counseling Website.

San Diego, California - February 27, 2007 - When self proclaimed "renegade" marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt heard about a new method being used by early adopting entrepreneurs to attract Website traffic, he figured he had nothing to lose.

"I was getting a pitiful eight unique visitors a day at my main site," Vogt recalls. "Then I discovered Traffic Geyser ( Within a week my traffic increased to 200 unique visitors a day and the number just keeps climbing."

At first, Vogt was skeptical when he realized Traffic Geyser uses Internet videos to generate its results.

"Like most business people, I felt overwhelmed by the technical aspects of creating video, editing it, formatting it and then the daunting idea of actually submitting it to relevant places. But boy, was I ever surprised!"

Vogt jokes he's one of those technologically-challenged people who got his college science credits by taking courses like "Physics for Poets." However, he's found a user-friendly tool for regular business people in Traffic Geyser.

"It includes a complete, simple course that takes you step by step through the process of creating and submitting videos the easiest way possible," Vogt explains. "It opens the door for absolutely everyone to get the powerful advantages of using video. Honest to goodness, if I can do it, so can you."

Click play to watch his complete explanation:

"In eight days I added several hundred very targeted subscribers who found me through videos I posted. And because of the direct and very personal aspect of video, the majority of these subscribers have bought one or more of my relationship books or courses."

Vogt is so pleased with his results he is offering to share his experiences and personally speak with interested business people who contact him through his Website.

Traffic Geyser uses a combination of the top 35 Internet video sites, blogging and Web 2.0 social bookmarking to drive Website traffic and SEO. More helpful information on generating Website traffic with Internet video can be found at: and

Monday, February 26, 2007

SEO, Traffic or Brand?

Businesses are discovering the benefits of Internet video but some are reticent about the millieu and what it might mean to their brand.

The Danish bank communications manager's comments in this story likely exemplify many "mainstream" companies' uncertainty about how to play in the online video game.

Some are conflicted about whether they should lower their production quality standards in favor of quick distribution and contextual acceptance. For example, they are uncomfortable about promoting their companies in the style of typical user-generated YouTube videos. On the other hand, they wonder whether their well-financed productions will seem too slick and out of place in the same arena.

From our perspective, they're completely missing the point. Or they're thinking too inside the box.

The Internet is not television. Online viewers don't have high expectations. They accept a broad range of production values--from a Webcam's grainy fisheye to the professionally composed episodes of their favorite TV shows now streaming online.

They also accept a broad range of content and performances. Internet video viewers are now used to seeing real people on screen, not actors. Tight scripts are nice but we'll tolerate off the cuff as well.

Businesses don't have to change what they're producing to reap benefits from the new video-rich Internet. But they will miss out on a lot of opportunities if they don't broaden their thinking.

For example, there are few companies that would not benefit enormously from producing their own Internet TV shows focusing on their customers' needs and interests. Professional productions are possible for a fraction of what it used to cost and the media buys are, well...non-existent. There are no stations or networks to negotiate with online if you don't want to.

It's a brave new world of marketing online. You don't need a multi-million dollar ad budget or a top 20 ad agency to generate SEO, Website traffic or even brand loyalty. There are so many more affordable, creative ways to use video online than 30-second commercials.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Internet Videos Boost Website Traffic 60%, Drive Top SEO Results

Summary: Here's more proof Web video can drive visitors and SEO: Online marketer David Frey used Internet videos and the new Traffic Geyser submitter service to increase visitors to his marriage counseling site by more than 60% in three weeks and achieved a #1 Google search ranking for his target keyword phrase.

San Diego, California 92128 – February 8, 2007 – When Internet entrepreneur and small business guru David Frey decided to leverage online video in his marketing, his first attempts didn't go so well.

"My videos looked terrible and they didn't sound too good," Frey explains. "Then I got the Toolkit, along with some coaching on the lighting setup, the audio and the call to action. My latest videos are much more watchable—and more effective."

The "Toolkit" is the Internet Infomercial Toolkit, a multimedia instructional package that teaches businesses how to sell with video.

Frey adds, "Once I improved my videos, I wanted to use them to drive traffic to my sites, including Luckily, I found Traffic Geyser."

Traffic Geyser is a fledgling service for businesses that distributes their Internet videos to more than 30 top sites with the click of a button and leverages Web 2.0 features to drive Website traffic and SEO.

Frey was so pleased with the results he achieved with Traffic Geyser he produced video newsletters for his 50,000 small business subscribers describing the process he used to generate hundreds of thousands of impressions and boost traffic by 60% to—over just three weeks.

Go here to view David Frey's video newsletter where he recaps his entire strategy.

One key tactic is to optimize the videos' titles and descriptions with your keyword or phrase, almost as if you are creating miniature Web sites. "Fortunately, with Traffic Geyser, you only have to enter your title and description once for each video," Frey says. "Then the system uploads that information to more than 30 top video sites. It's a huge time-saver."

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet Video Ads Like Doritos' Super Bowl Contest Entries Score Website Traffic

Summary: Low budget promotional videos like those featured in Doritos' Super Bowl contest produce unprecedented search engine rankings and Website traffic when uploaded to top video sites like Jumpcut, Yahoo video and YouTube.

San Diego, CA 92128 – January 31, 2007 – The online video revolution continues to attract businesses looking for inexpensive streams of qualified Website traffic.

Many more business owners could jump on the bandwagon following the upcoming Super Bowl broadcast when Doritos announces the winner of its user-generated video competition, "Crash the Super Bowl." Visitors voted for five finalists in recent weeks and Doritos will reveal the results February 4 when it airs the winning spot during the big game.

"Any business can create winning videos and reap the same benefits," claims Rocket Helstrom, co-founder of Traffic Geyser, an online service for companies using video and Web 2.0 elements to promote their products and services. "The technology has become so affordable and simple--you can even create video without a camera and generate Website traffic and search rankings."

Once the realm of stupid-people tricks and music video spoofs, sites like Grouper, Google video and even MySpace are beginning to feature more infomercials and promotional spots uploaded by Internet marketers and Web entrepreneurs.

Helstrom adds, "The buzz is spreading among business people, especially when they learn they can make a video with just an audio track and some images then upload it to 30 or more top video sites with a click. Internet video empowers the little guy just as much as the big guy."

Doritos' promotional partner, Yahoo, received more than 1,000 entries through, the video site it acquired last year. While each of the five final videos is very creative and humorous, businesses can also capture audiences with informative messages, guidance or expert insights to their problems.

YouTube Ad Plan Overlooks Businesses Already Getting Paid For Web Video

Summary: Would you like YouTube to pay you for making Internet videos? Company sources reveal it will happen later this year. However, some smart businesses already are turning their online videos into dollars.

San Diego, CA 92128 – January 30, 2007 – Recent press reports indicate YouTube will start paying video producers for their work sometime in 2007. It's likely YouTube will run ads at the beginnings of the most popular or "viral" videos and then share the advertising revenues with the video producers.

But savvy marketers have been using YouTube and other top video sites for months to generate Website traffic for their online businesses and to convert visitors into buyers once they get there.

"These producers are already getting paid for their videos – in the form of increased leads and sales," says Michael Koenigs, co-founder of the Internet Infomercial Toolkit and Traffic Geyser, two programs companies use to ramp up their online video marketing.

Take Joel Comm, for example. A seasoned Internet marketer and New York Times bestselling business author of "Cracking the AdSense Code," Comm used online video marketing for the first time in a major product launch last fall. The results? He experienced his highest conversion rate in 12 years of online promotions and generated record sales.

(Click here to watch Joel Comm's video infomercial.)

(Click here to watch Joel Comm's analysis of his video campaign.)

Or, how about David Frey? Another highly successful Internet marketer and founder of Marketing Best Practices, Frey increased traffic to his Website by more than 60% in less than three weeks using online video.

(Follow this link to watch David Frey's video case study.)

Despite these benefits, businesses don't pay to run their video spots on YouTube – or any of the other sites for that matter. They produce three-to five-minute ads or infomercials and pay nothing for hosting, playing or even streaming them to their own Website pages.

"Getting people to watch them depends on the keywords you include in the video titles and descriptions and how popular or competitive those keywords are," Koenigs adds. Video sites like YouTube are so popular the search engines are constantly indexing them, so results can appear overnight – literally.

However, if a video suddenly appears in the top results for a given keyword or phrase, it can be a challenge keeping it there. That's why it's important to frequently produce and upload new videos for your business.

Koenigs explains, "It's simple. Once a business gets started with online video marketing, the traffic and conversions are what keep them going."

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites to Generate Traffic

What's a social bookmarking site?

It's an online community of Web users who store and share their bookmarks. Instead of (or in addition to) bookmarking pages in their own browsers, (e.g., articles, blog entries, etc. they find interesting), they "TAG" these pages and create entries in the social bookmarking site.

Because the social bookmarking sites are Web-based, the tags or bookmarks are available for them from any computer online—sort of like your Web-based email account is available to you from work, home, when you travel, etc.

In addition, users CATEGORIZE their bookmarks so others can browse or find ones that interest them. Many of these sites also allow users to "discuss" tagged articles by posting COMMENTS about them. Then the most popular tags appear higher in the categories.

What does this mean to you and your Website traffic?

If you join some social bookmarking sites, you can tag your Web pages, press releases, blog entries and VIDEOS to generate more traffic to them.

In fact, we've just added a feature to Traffic Geyser that tags your video title, description, thumbnail image and target Web using your social bookmarking accounts so you get additional traffic to your target Web page. It's built right in to Traffic Geyser.

What are some social bookmarking sites you should join and start using if you haven't already done so? Here are a few to get you started:

Once you sign up, you can also get toolbar buttons or links for your browser so all you have to do when you find a page you want to tag is select the button or link and it opens up a short form for you to complete and save.

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